An evening in Java...

Welcome to an evening in Solo, Central Java. Your ticket is an invitation to experience the full flavor (sounds, smells, tastes) of Javanese music–making in an intimate setting with some of the most revered masters of gamelan music alive today. Please choose a seat in the house or on stage. Feel free to quietly move around if you like, sample the delicious food we offer in the lobby – bring it into the hall as you listen – as in Javanese tradition – and immerse yourself in the flowing lines and shifting iramas of gamelan. For centuries the gong-chime orchestras (gamelan) of Indonesia have been producing some of the world's most beautiful melodies and transfixing sounds. A concert begins with stately, reflective pieces and progresses toward lively, more joyful selections by the end. As the evening unfolds, a deep sense of attentiveness forms in the musicians and listeners alike, a patient focus that permeates the air, providing a sense of tranquility and a refuge from a turbulent world.

The music is from the city of Solo in Central Java. Venues include the palace pavilion, community/town centers, in someone's home (in this case, the doors usually open to the street and neighbors congregate and listen/hang out).

The smells from food carts walking past drifts through the space; the slow and relaxed pace of an Indonesian evening is important, and also the feeling of a lively environment (ramai) helps foster great music making. Enjoy!

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