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Barbara Cardarelli
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Barbara Cardarelli
Educator, Waltham Public Schools

Vision and Biography

I have been teaching for twenty-five years; eleven of those years have been in Waltham as a grade 7 social studies teacher. Prior to that, I taught high school history and English as a Second Language. In Waltham, I teach a diverse group of children from different ethnic backgrounds and social groups. The role of geography, the curriculum which I am now teaching, is extremely valuable in helping my students understand world cultures and each other. Some of my main goals are: to show how world events can impact their lives, how students can make personal connections to these events, and how these events show the relationship between the past and the present. Music extends and enriches their experience. It is a way to understand other cultures and interpret important stories and events. It enhances their creativity and ability to understand the historical significance of sounds and lyrics. For these reasons, I am glad that Brandeis invites Waltham school children to be a part of MusicUnitesUS.

Our MusicUnitesUS experience has been very inspirational for our multicultural students in Waltham. Each year, our students are immersed in another culture through MusicUnitesUS music performances by visiting artists. Though the years, we have seen class acts from China, The Middle East, Brazil, Africa, and India. In addition, students enjoy their trip to Brandeis because the university is welcoming and the performers are professional, gracious, and entertaining. This year I was given the opportunity to write the lesson plan that compliments the performance of the ensemble Music From China. When the students are given the historical and cultural context of the music, they are able to make a personal connection to the music and make their experience meaningful.
All of this while having fun, too!