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About MusicUnitesUS:

The MusicUnitesUS program furthers the understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures through music. During the past few years, MusicUnitesUS programs have highlighted the musical traditions of India, Morocco, Africa-Brazil, China, Europe, Iran, Turkey, Peru, Guinea, South Africa, and Latin America.

The MusicUnitesUS program takes place on the Brandeis campus and has three components:

  1. The Intercultural Residency Series integrates the artists with the academic and social life of the  university community.
  2. The World Music Series offers a deep experience of individual and cultural expression to the Boston area audience
  3. The Education Program brings over 1,000 public school children to Brandeis (and the Waltham High School) each year to listen to the music of diverse traditions. Musical programs are tied to specific lesson plans, designed by MusicUnitesUS, which reinforce the context of the students’ social studies or history classes.

Please contact MUUS Founder/Director Judith Eissenberg at for more information.

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