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Simon Shaheen's Annual Arabic Music Retreat
At Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, MA

Underscore records

Underscore Records Pvt. Ltd. came into being with a specific mission, namely, to empower artistes playing Indian music to own and share their music globally even if support for the same is not forthcoming from conventional sources. Underscore Records is an exclusive music label and website that specializes in music from India . It contains an online music store where you can source and buy various genres of Indian music presented by different artistes. Other specialty items available on the site are books and papers on music related subjects.

All copyrights for the music on the site rest in most cases with the musicians who made and recorded it, and hence revenues generated from sales also go almost entirely to the artistes.

Harmony for Humanity: Daniel Pearl World Music Days

Project Nur: A "new light on campus," Project Nur is a distinct and alternative Muslim voice: a civic identity grounded in pluralism and moderate thinking and action. It emphasizes civic action with the goal of forging a cohesive and mutually respectful multicultural community of university students committed to the advancement of human rights, civil rights, social justice, tolerance, understanding, and co-existence.

The American Islamic Congress (AIC) is a civil rights organization promoting tolerance and the exchange of ideas among Muslims and between other peoples. AIC is a non-religious civic initiative challenging increasingly negative perceptions of Muslims by advocating responsible leadership and 'two-way' interfaith understanding.

Review for Jace Clayton's latest project as DJ /Rupture. Critical acclaim as usual --
From DJ Rupture’s (aka Jace Clayton) piece for the New York Fine Arts Quarterly:nyfa_quarterly.asp?type=3&qid=191&id=109&fid=6&sid=16

Shubha Mudgal:

Filmed event with Shubha Mudgal at the WSRC, Brandeis University.  Part of the WGBH online forum

LearnQuest is a non-profit institution devoted to providing formal instruction in Indian Classical Music, both Hindustani and Carnatic Styles. Classes are held in Waltham, Acton and Andover, MA on Saturdays and some weekday evenings. The academy includes among its faculty a team of accomplished and experienced teachers of Indian music in the New England area as well as visiting musicians.

Feedback Loops by Jace Clayton/aka DJ Rupture

Global Brandeis


Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Heritage of the Arts of Southasia

MITHAS was formed to perpetuate, to teach, to present, to perform, and spread appreciation for the great variety of performing art and artists who practice in the richly learned and refined traditions of Southasia.

The performing arts which have been nourished on the South Asian subcontinent have something to offer for everyone, regardless of cultural orientation. For this "other" part of the world is already a cultural blend to start with, having many ethnic and cultural varieties, languages, and religions. Through centuries of change and sweeping political movements, an artistic language has become enriched with the vitality of many tongues and styles, and the essence-the many rhythmic and emotional faces of love, sound, and movement - has been expressed in music, dance, and drama by musicians of every cultural and religious perspective.

COEXISTENCE INTERNATIONAL is an initiative committed to strengthening the field of policymakers, practitioners, researchers, advocates, organizations and networks promoting coexistence at local, national and international levels. CI promotes a complementary approach to coexistence work through facilitating connections, learning, reflection, and strategic thinking between those in the coexistence field and those in related areas.

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Complimentary Approaches to Coexistence Work:
Focus on Coexistence and the Arts

This focus paper discusses the ways in which artistic and cultural work on the one hand, and coexistence theory and practices on the other, are complementary and mutually enhancing. It presents examples of effective and innovative arts-and-culture-based peacebuilding efforts, ranging from grassroots artist-peacebuilder collaborations to official efforts that have effectively integrated creative approaches. I raises questions for practitioners, offers recommendations to policy-makers, and points to resources for further exploration.