Intercultural Residency Series
Spring 2012

Music Department Distinguished Practitioner Residency
Theodore Levin, Guest Speaker

Panel Discussion
Tuesday, March 13 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Laurie Theater, Spingold
Refreshments will be served

Making a Difference Through the Arts: The Practice of Cultural Advocacy

Case Studies: Panelists will each speak about the challenges, results, and long-term impact of their work in cultural advocacy, community development, and intercultural dialogue.

· Theodore Levin, moderator - Senior Project Consultant, Aga Khan Music Initiative; Chair of the Arts and Culture Program, Open Society Foundations; Arthur R. Virgin Professor of Music, Dartmouth College

· Jessye Kass - Brandeis ’13, Co-Founder of the Attukwei Art Foundation, Ghana

· Richard Kurin - Under Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution for History, Art, and Culture

· Zeyba Rahman - Director of the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music (North America and Asia)

· Ethel Raim - Artistic Director of the New York City-based Center for Traditional Music and Dance

Sponsored by the Poses Foundation

March 12, 13
Music Department Distinguished Practitioner Residency
Speaker: Theodore Levin, Arthur R. Virgin Professor of Music at Dartmouth College

Open classes associated with residency:

Monday, March 12

10 – 10:50 am SOC 162a Intellectuals and Revolutionary Politics
Mandel, Room G10
An examination of the “cultural revolution” that occurred in the wake of the Soviet conquest of Central Asia, and the role of local intellectuals and artists in promoting revolution through music and art.

1 – 1:50 pm MUS 3b Intro to World Music
Slosberg, Room 212
Ethnographic “fieldwork” then and now: the ethics, aesthetics, and politics of “world music” fieldwork.

2 – 3:20 pm ANTH 139b Language, Ethnicity, and Nationalism
Slosberg, Room 212
Music, like language, articulates with social groups, and frequently serves as a marker of borders, boundaries, and continuities that are constructed to serve political ends.

Tuesday, March 13
2 – 3 MUS 180b Proseminar in Ethnomusicology
Pearlman Seminar Room 122, Farber Library
A critique of ethnomusicology from the perspective of cultural advocacy with examples drawn from the work of the Aga Khan Music Initiative.

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